Year 4 at Dunston Library

Mar 14, 2024English, Latest News

Year 4 had a great time at Dunston Library! We walked down to our local library and spoke about the rules we should follow when moving around the shelves and spaces. We explored the shelves and noticed that the books are arranged in sections. We noticed non-fiction and fiction were organised alphabetically by the author’s surname. We looked for our favourite stories, books that looked interesting and texts that linked to our learning in school.

We sat together to share stories and explored the other areas of the library. Some of us spotted a jigsaw area, a computer area and a role play area. We were lucky enough to take some books away with us for our classroom. The librarians explained how all the books are logged on the computer so they know when the books need to come back. We even got to have a go at stamping the books with the return date!