Year 1 Aspirations Week

Mar 27, 2024PSHE

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed Aspirations Week and we were really inspired by our visitors. First, Kathryn who is a Garden Designer showed us how she transformed gardens. She showed us her designs that she came up with. She then shared photographs of how the gardens looked after her fantastic work – we were amazed! She uses so many skills in her job such as measuring and we got to use her measuring wheel and tape measure.  We then designed our own gardens after looking at a range of patio and decking samples. Then we had Bethan visit us to tell us all about her job as a nurse. We learnt that Bethan can work through the day and night to look after people. She showed us some important equipment that she uses such as a stethoscope, a blood pressure monitor and syringes. She talked about all the skills needed to be a nurse and the subjects that helped her – we learnt so much!