IT Suite – £120,000

We would like to create a Hub for our children and local community by creating an area which can more than double its capacity by creating four new spaces. These spaces will not only enhance teaching and learning but support the social and emotional needs of our children and community which we know will help to support our families: 

  • Music Booth – this will create a much-needed space for children to sing and play instruments in small groups.  Music is an important part of our curriculum and is proven to support emotional wellbeing as well as develop motor skills and emotional intelligence in children. 
  • State of the art IT suite – create a space in which to develop children’s computing knowledge and skills as well as a space to access training which improves their confidence and chances in the world of work. 
  • Intervention area – to provide a quiet space to support small groups of children who may find aspects of learning challenging.
  • The Dunston Dome – will be a quiet and calming space to support the physical and emotional needs of some of our most vulnerable children.