Physical Education

At Dunston Hill Community Primary School, we are passionate about Physical Education and school sport and we believe that our high-quality curriculum will inspire all children to lead physically active lives. We aim to provide opportunities to help our pupils to become physically literate and physically confident which will support their self-esteem and wellbeing. 


Curriculum Documents and information

Physical Education Curriculum News

Year 3 PE

Year 3 have loved using maps to locate control points across our school grounds. They worked in pairs and had to orientate themselves to several...
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Year 5 Daily Mile

Year 5 love completing the daily mile! Every time they complete it, they feel they are getting quicker and fitter. Well done Year 5!
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Year 5 Swimming

We are extremely proud of the progress the children in Year 5 have made with their swimming this year. They all thoroughly enjoyed the water safety...
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Nursery are playing ball

Ball skills, ball skills, balls skills are all going on in Nursery. We have been using our throwing, aiming and catching skills to shoot large balls...
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Year 2 Athletes!

We have begun our athletics unit of work in PE. We have focused on starting positions to run a race, techniques for running and how to run relay...
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Year 4 PE – gymnastics

We've loved the beginning of our new PE unit - gymnastics. We used some of what we learnt in dance about body shape and levels to help us. We began...
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