PSHE is at the heart of our school ethos at Dunston Hill, which is ‘Care and Respect for All’. We are firmly committed to an inclusive environment where we strive for children to become confident, responsible and resilient individuals, supporting them to be happy, healthy and safe.  


At Dunston Hill, we are firmly committed to an inclusive environment where we strive for children to become confident, responsible and resilient individuals, supporting them to be happy, healthy and safe. The teaching of PSHE goes hand-in-hand with our school Aims and Values, which underpin daily life in school. These include pledging to ensure children develop their own sense of self-worth, to help children develop relationships with others based on a foundation of mutual respect and understanding, to recognise their responsibility within a community group and to uphold high standards of behaviour. We hope that through our teaching of PSHE, teamed with our school ethos of Care and Respect for All, we will inspire children to be the best version of themselves and equip them for life as an adult in British society. 


Teaching of PSHE in our Early Years/Foundation Stage is embedded within the curriculum, in line with the EYFS framework. It is a vital area of development and our youngest children are encouraged to develop positive relationships with others, as well as becoming resilient and confident beings. In Key Stages 1 and 2, our teaching of PSHE is supported by a DfE signposted Programme of Study via the PSHE Association and KAPOW scheme, both of which provide a high-quality curriculum. They also build upon the foundations laid in Early Years/Foundation Stage. The schemes offer a multitude of both implicit and explicit experiences, meaning children have a range of opportunities to be creative and curious, as well as having lots of fun. Our objectives are age-appropriate and progress as the children move through school. This is implemented by teaching staff and HLTAs throughout the year and children are offered opportunities to reflect on their learning regularly. 


The teaching of PSHE aims to impart vital knowledge to support our children to dream big and aim high. This is evidenced through a range of sources, such as work in floor books, photographs and discussions with children and staff. However, as a school, we place the highest value on children applying their learning within and beyond the curriculum and thus seeing a recognisable impact on how children live their lives. 

Curriculum Documents and information

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