“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.” Chinese Proverb 

At Dunston Hill, we celebrate diversity and different cultures, promoting positive attitudes and values, and community cohesion; learning a language plays a vital part in this. At our school, the children learn French, progressing in knowledge and skills as they move throughout Key Stage 2. Language teaching is enriched by events and celebrations of culture and language that we hold during the academic year, from EYFS to Year 6, enabling children from all backgrounds to share their cultural and linguistic heritage. We lay the foundations for future language learning and aim to foster a lifelong love of languages. 


Diversity of languages and cultures is celebrated at Dunston Hill. Here, our children develop a curiosity and interest in learning another language (French) in an enjoyable and exciting way. We nurture and develop confidence and enthusiasm to learn another language and to explore new cultures. Through high-quality and well-structured teaching, children develop the core language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as their independence and resilience in a new language. We support and enable children to use and apply their learning and understanding of the French language in a range of contexts, laying the foundations for future language learning and fostering a lifelong love of languages. We hope that learning a new language will equip and inspire our pupils to study or work in other countries one day, and, in a rapidly-changing, international society, to have transferable skills that will support them no matter what they choose to do.  



The French curriculum at Dunston Hill is designed with progression in skills at the forefront. Teachers across Key Stage 2 teach stimulating lessons, to inspire and enthuse children. Lessons follow topics relevant to the children, and focus on teaching children key language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as developing an increasing knowledge and understanding of vocabulary, phonics and grammar in French. By using the Rachel Hawkes scheme, and adapting to the needs of our pupils, children are taught and supported to develop, use and apply their language skills with increasing independence. Skills in speaking and listening are taught and supported through conversation practice, role play activities, listening to native speakers, videos, songs and games. Reading and writing skills are developed through looking at texts in the language, including authentic texts, and a range of reading and writing activities. In each session, our children have the opportunity to recall previous learning from the prior lesson, unit and term. In LKS2 & UKS2, basic phonics knowledge is reviewed at the beginning of each year. Through retrieval activities, children are supported in developing strong recall of French phonics, grammar and vocabulary to build on their spoken language. French is taught in a whole-class setting, with adaptations in place allowing for individual needs of pupils, as well as acknowledging varying experiences and strengths of different pupils. 


At Dunston Hill, our children are enthusiastic to learn French. Our teaching lays foundations for, and inspires children in, their future language learning. Children recognise the importance and wonder of diversity in languages and cultures, and the role they play in respecting and understanding others. At Dunston Hill, our children leave us with a love of languages, and the confidence to achieve and succeed.

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