Nursery preparing Chinese food

Jan 19, 2023Design Technology, Early Years, Geography, History, Religious Education

Nursery have been exploring their senses and as they have been learning about Chinese New Year and the Lunar Festival, we prepared and ate a variety of foods. Many of talked about eating food from a Chinese take away and how some of it could be spicy, yet tasty. It was interesting knowing that foods come from different places and how not all people traditionally use knives and forks. Using chop sticks was fun, yet challenging! We heated noodles and rice and had a variety of dips. The sweet chilli sauce was a clear winner, especially when eaten with the prawn crackers. We learned how to use the oven and microwave as we heated spring rolls. Using the knives and chopping boards, we sliced cucumber and carrots which were very fresh. Our teachers encouraged us to try new foods so we knew if we liked them or not.