GB Athletes Visit Dunston Hill

Mar 7, 2023Physical Education

Recently, we welcomed two GB Olympic athletes, Joel Fearon and Katie Stainton, into our school. They begin the day, they led an assembly which certainly inspired our children with their courage and determination.

Joel’s saying ‘Make decisions today that you’ll be proud of tomorrow’ resonated with us all, and they are both testaments that hard work and commitment really do pay off.

We loved hearing Katie’s stories of her various Heptathlon events, facing her fears with the hurdles, and honing her skills as an Olympic javelin thrower. Joel had everyone enthralled as he described meeting a bear up a mountain before he travelled 100 miles an hour down on his bobsleigh. We loved discovering who inspired them throughout their journey.

Each class then spent a session working with Joel and Katie to work on different skills. They even showed us a warm up which they carried out themselves in the olympics!