D.T – Year 4

Apr 18, 2024Design Technology

We have been set the task of creating a new biscuit to put before a panel of judges. We needed to start by finding out what products were already available so we conducted an analysis on a range of biscuits. We discussed the packaging and the target audience, as well as the texture, smell and taste. There were some delicious ones to try, but we weren’t a fan of them all.

After this, we followed a recipe to make our own plain biscuits. We learnt new skills such as sieving and cracking an egg. Working in teams, we mixed, rolled and cut out our biscuits. We discussed the health & hygiene we need to be aware of when baking. After tasting our plain dough we thought about how we could make them more interesting. Could we add colours to change the appearance? Should we add chocolate or sultanas to make them sweeter? Would we add sprinkles and icing to change the target audience?

We can’t wait to design and make our new biscuits and find out which ones the judges like the most!