Year 5 French

This week in French we have practised our oral accents to notice the differences in pronunciation of ‘a’ and ‘en’. We noticed that the ‘en’ sound in...

Year 3 French

We have been working hard on our nasal sounds in French - looking at 'a' and 'en' and 'an'! Well done for spotting the sounds Year 3!

Year 4 French

This week, we recapped on our learning of the pronunciation of the different 'e' letters in French. Some of it was very tricky at first, but the...

Year 5 French – Vocabulary!

Our year 5 children have thoroughly enjoyed French this term. We have worked hard on pronunciation and mastering the 'etre' and 'avoir' verbs. In...

Year 6 French

This half term we have been focusing on numbers, appropriate greetings and the use of etre in our French lessons. Tres bien!